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This community is about Life...

it has no purpose beyond what you give it...

it doesn't ask for anything more than to be noticed and accepted for what it is...

the name given to this community purly means this:

abstract, aim, alias, art, beauty, being, biking, bring it on, brit rock, british accents, california, candles, chatting online, chemical brothers, christmas, classic rock, classical, clean, clothes, coldplay, comics, common sense, computers, concerts, cooking, counting crows, creativity, cuddling, dancing, dashboard confessional, dave matthews band, discovery, disney, dreams, eating, email, emotions, entertainment, eyes, faith, film, flirting, flirts, frank sinatra, freedom, friends, gap, geeks, golden girls, good friends, good music, growing, guitars, happiness, harmony, helping, honesty, hugs, intelligent conversation, internet, intuition, italian food, jennifer garner, kissing, las vegas, laughing, learning, libraries, licking, life, listening, living, lounging, love, madtv, meeting new people, milk, mirrors, morals, movies, music, musicals, nature, nerds, new friends, nice people, night, non-smokers, old houses, old movies, open-mindedness, parker posey, peace, people that are hot, people watching, phoenix, photography, pics, pictures, pleasure, poetry, praise, pretty icons, psychology, quality, reading, reminiscing, roller coasters, rollerblading, romance, self-improvement, sheryl crow, showers, simpsons, singing, sleeping, sleeping in, smallville, snow, song lyrics, spirituality, spring, star trek armada 2, starbucks, style, sunshine, superboy, superman, symbolism, talking, television, the moment, theology, tickles, traveling, truth, tv, uk, understanding, vacation, walking, walt disney world, webcam, will & grace, writing, x-men, you